Various – UnCut Premium Part 3

Artist: Various Artists
Title: UnCut Premium Part 3
Format: Vinyl
Cat. No.: SHUCLTD003
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Billy Dalessandro’s “Dance With Me” is culled from his recent EP entitled “The Big Blue”. Fast-paced and addictive, the track celebrates Dalessandro’s uncanny style that was first established on Forcetracks back in 2002. The production melds that sound with modern technique to create a finished product that will keep late nights going well into the next morning.

Slutbox, the duo consisting of Billy Dalessandro and Daniel Mnookin, made its worldwide presence felt with their debut EP on Chicago based Siteholder Records entitled “Nitrogen 2 Oxygen 1”. Showing no signs of letting up in 2008, the team delivers “The Filthy Fibber” off of their UnCut debut. Sleazy twisted beats tango with a sinister vocal in true Slutbox fashion – fun and funky is once again the name-of-the-game.

In 2007, Galuszka was a relatively unknown Chicago producer when he dropped his UnCut debut, “Cellblock 3”. Oh what a difference a year can make! Still relished as one of his most treasured originals, “Cellblock 3” is deep and dubby, underrated in its ability to get one’s hips shaking.

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