Various – UnCut Premium Part 1

Artist: Various Artists
Title: UnCut Premium Part 1
Format: Vinyl
Cat. No.: SHUCLTD001
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Huge Hephner’s “Just In Time” kicks off the A-side of UnCut Ltd. 001. Let Hephner catch you off guard and you’re bound to get bumped – booty bumped. No longer a stranger to the global electronic citizenship, indulge in his dark and dirty funk.

Rounding out the A-side, Siteholder’s Billy Dalessandro and Daniel Mnookin team up with New York based Robot’s resident Dennis Rodgers as The Shocker. A three-pronged attack, the likes of which has never been previously seen, the Chicago-New York connection keeps it down and dirty with “She Never Knew”…all nightclubbing patrons and employees are required to wash their hands after use on a proper sound system.

The B-Side culls from UnCut 001, Daniel Mnookin’s “Spotted Cow” EP. Billy Dalessandro’s remix is deep and dubby, featuring an earth rumbling bassline that is intended for use by only the most serious of subs…there’s not much more that can be said other than sit back and enjoy this cerebral undertaking. Mnookin brings home the bacon with his original. Tasty, fruitful, and full of flavor, the tech house track functions as an ode to one of America’s best microbrews. The intoxication is welcome, hitting the spot as only a pint of Spotted Cow can. Enjoy the ride but don’t drink too much, lest you be hung over the following morning.

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