Siteholder Podcast 08 | Galuszka


Galuszka’s primary influence is 90′s techno, specifically the gear players such as Funk D’ Void, Steve Stoll and Green Velvet. After transitioning into software based production and performance Galuszka’s 1st published track is on Chicago’s Siteholder Records in 2007, the dubby “Cellblock 3″. After a few more Siteholder releases Galuszka branched out producing for Miniatura, Diametral and Mistik Recordings. From one project to the next he has diversified his sound within downtempo, house and minimal techno. His current live sets are a collage of minimal and tech house. Galuszka is co-founder of JQM Recordings.


Detroit Swindle – Sometimes – Tsuba
Moritz Ochsenbauer – Noizy Water (Hollen Remix) – Trapez Ltd
Galuszka – Take The Bentley – Mistik Recordings
Dr. Barry – At Bodu – Mistik Recordings
Daniel Sanchez – Sik (Mladen Tomic Remix) – 100% Pure
Daniel Dubb – Wash The Dish – Rejected
Sam Paganini – Black Leather – Drumcode
Alan Fitzpatrick – Static – Drumcode
Cari Lekebusch – Pole Turtle – H-Productions
Markus Homm – No Train To Akasaka – Tenampa Recordings
Sam Paganini – Daegon – Drumcode
Flashmob – Need In Me – Defected Music
Galuszka – Time to Get (Poor Boy Rich Remix) – JQM Recordings
Sasha Carassi – Rowbells – Weave Music
Ben Sims – Bullet (Cari Lekebusch Remix) – Drumcode


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