Siteholder Podcast 05 | Chris Larsen

Hip hop aficionado and ghetto technologist Chris Larsen has exploded onto the electronic music scene with recently acclaimed releases on Roots and Wings and Casa Do Conde, and if these are any indication of things to come, techno’s ghetto messiah has just materialized.

Fact: Larsen has been surging over the past 4 years as a relative newcomer, forging his deep minimal sets into the rooms of some of Toronto’s most frequented clubs. With a hunger to play, an ear for music, a commitment to clarity and a confident respect for the strength of a consistent and steady build; Chris Larsen’s sound has rapidly begun to take shape demonstrating his clear affection for a crisp, clean, funky sound grounded by deep baselines and warped vocal glitches. The result is music that is emotional and physical, as organic as it is metallic and as appropriate for the dance floor as for any proper afterhours.

A constantly progressing and ever-eager student of his craft, Chris has a passion for the music he is playing and producing. And while you will often still find him hat down or hood up in the shadows – if you step back and listen in to the sound of Toronto’s beats, you will hear one Chris Larsen finger pressed on the bassline of Toronto’s heart.

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