Various Artists – Shapes and Sizes

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Shapes and Sizes
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: FAC001
Release Date: AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2009 @ Beatport

Surely there’s more to music than house and techno, right?  The Chicago-based quartet that makes up Siteholder Records certainly thinks so.  After launching a trio of successful labels (Siteholder UnCut and UnCut Ltd. making up the second and third), the group debuts its fourth imprint – Facet Recordings – aimed at exploring electronic sounds that go beyond the dance floor.

The Facet catalog kicks off with a compilation, entitled “Shapes and Sizes,” and features faces both new and old to fans of the Siteholder sound.  There are no limits, and Facet 001 gives a taste of what can be expected from this latest venture.  Longtime Siteholder collaborator Jason Emsley introduces the alias Massif for his ambient exploration “Annapurna.”  Larry Hall (also known as Bumpin’ Ugly) presents his latest alter ego, PerSe, for a pair of off-kilter trip hop productions:  “Home” and “Slip.”

Billy Dalessandro makes three appearances – one as himself for “High Fructose Corn Syrup,” one with Galuzska (under the Adjective alias) on “Cohiba,” and another with Hall (under the Ditech moniker) entitled “CLU.”

Galuszka makes his debut as Pacific Atlas with a pair melodic downtempo numbers entitled “Modern Surveillence” and “Marbles in the Sky.”  Brian Ffar presents us with “Lullaby,” a far cry from his respected tech house beats, but a welcome glimpse into the softer side of his production personality.  Portugal’s Ilidio Chaves (better know as Expander) features Tania Carvalho on “Take 1,” a tripped-out space travel through piano madness.

Rounding out this project are a pair of fresh faces – Netherlands-based mad scientist Brandon Invergo (a.k.a. Yeti Quest) and Arizona’s Steve Edwards.  Yeti Quest’s “Grue / Yopo Lattice” takes the listener down the darker alleys of experimental electronic music, while Edward’s “Name Game” demonstrates that 4/4 beats are not off limit via this micro-click adventure.

Facet 001 is a breath of fresh air into the Siteholder camp, and kicks off their latest project in an effort to expand the boundaries of electronic music beyond standard nightclub beats.  We hope that you enjoy it!

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