Peacock – Air Dance

Artist: Peacock
Title: Air Dance
Cat. No.: SH017
Release Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Available on:  Shift at Beatport

Peacock - Air Dance Peacock - Up

Aaron Peacock is back with another mesmerizing offering of full-on booty-shaking bass music. As one of Minneapolis’ most prolific producers, Peacock’s almost-20-year presence in the electronic music scene has built a monumental following of supporters worldwide. Peacock’s music is characterized by a driving energy, a rich range of sounds, intelligent progressions, and a constant evolution in themes. Never boring, often iconoclastic, it pushes you into a higher state of consciousness

Air Dance supports this claim with a bouncy, subterranean bassline that holds the rest of the track in place. Skippy house percussion and musical breaths flutter in and out of consciousness while building up musical inertia that is almost impossible to stop.

Within the same vein as Air Dance, Up is another bassline driven foray into modern techno. While a bit more atmospheric and stripped down in nature, there is absolutely no shortage of energy as this hypnotic masterpiece swirls around into a dancefloor tempest.


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