Kretipleti Interview (January 2012)


Pehr Herb and Thomas Jaldemark (of Donk Boys acclaim) make up the swedish techno duo Kretipleti.  Working seriously together since 2009, they have released over fifteen 12″ records and have established themselves as a credible force on the international techno scene. In anticipation of their new release – Restid – on Siteholder, we’ve virtually sat down with Kretipleti to talk music, Sweden, and their favorite gear.

Kretipleti is such an interesting name.  What is its origin and how did you guys decide on the name?

The name is an swedish expression  that usually refers to “anyone” or “the everyday people”. The dictionary or wikipedia would suggest an english translation as “Every Tom, Dick and Harry”. A little connection to the title of the Depeche Mode album “Music for the masses”

How would you characterize your sound for those that may not be familiar with your music?

Dark walls of sound and buildups of feelings.

Working as a duo must be drastically different from working on solo projects?  How do you two get along in and out of the studio, and how is your collaborative process different from your solo work flows?

Often we start off with a track on our own, then when we meet up we cut away and rearrange it until we hit the spot we strive for. Other times we just sit down and do a jam session and when we feel ready we do a live recording of it.

Are you both originally from Sweden?  What was it like growing up there? (if you’re not from Sweden, tell us about your upbringing)

Yes! We both are from the outskirts of the town of Jönköping in the southern part of Sweden.

Who (both historically and currently) would you say has influenced your musical style the most?

Pehr – There is’t ONE person, its a bunch. If I have to boil it down to one person i would say Daniel Miller, for the early stuff he put out on Mute. But there is many others that cut it close.

Thomas – Impossible for me to just mention one person.. Everything from the Homework album by Daft Punk,Joey Beltram on Tresor, Joy Division, Liaisons Dangereuses, DAF, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater and many more have been great inspiration to me. Lately Reeko & Jeroen Search has impressed me.

What is your studio set up like and what is the one single thing you would save if your studio suddenly caught fire!?

Pehr – Apple laptop and Yamaha, Akai, Roland and Elektron drum machines + a few old and new digital and analog synthesizers. I probably would try to save my Backup hard drives. Everything else is replaceable.
Thomas – iMac, MFB Schlagzwerg & Nanozwerg, Doepfer Dark Energy, Waldorf Blofeld and my newest baby, a TR-707. I would definitly save the computer, its what im most used to work with. Its only in the recent years i’ve been begun playing with gear but its never too late to start i guess!

What are your interests outside of music?

Pehr – Music is the main interest besides my family. But i also do some competitive paintball, just for fun.
Thomas – There are other things than music?

We’re obviously very excited to have you join the Siteholder family.  If you were to host your own “welcome to the label” dinner, what would you cook?

Pehr – my spicy green pea soup.
Thomas –  albóndigas with minced chicken meat

If you were stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life, which musical artist (alive or dead) would you want to keep you company?

Probably Robert Görl.

There are three types of learning styles – visual, auditory, & kinesthetic.  Which one are you?

Pehr – the first thing I do is put away the manual, and try to imagine how things is meant to be done.
Thomas – a mix

What do you have coming up that you are excited to share?

A mysterious imprint called Yta is in the works, its a DIY project including almost every step on the way. First release is with Haul, a local act consisting of myself (Pehr) and two other friends. It will be pressed on 7″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies.
Kretipletiwise, 2012 looks promising so far, for example we have a EP on Siteholder due soon. A 12″ and a track on a 3×12″ are also planned for later in the year.

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