Haruyuki Yokoyama – Blur


Artist: Haruyuki Yokoyama
Title: Blur
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH023
Release Date: Monday, February 20, 2012 at 


01 Blur
02 Blur (Alka Rex Remix)
03 Flashback

For those of you that are having issues with the audio players above, you can listen to clips of the tracks below:



Kanagawa superstar Haruyuki Yokoyama’s production chops and artistic direction are as rich and colorful as his culture.  After releasing his first Siteholder EP, Elastic, in August of 2010, he had us at the proverbial “hello,” and there is absolutely no containing this artists meteoric rise to minimal domination in 2012.

The release titled track, Blur, kicks off the EP with incredible mastery of sound design, dynamic composition, and a thick-ass groove that will move dance floors from London to Tokyo.  Pumping house percussion and spastic synthetic sprites all skip across a seismic bass line that is more felt than heard.  If there is one track set to destroy a warehouse party, you can stop looking now.

Alexander Kaline & Edward Krilov, famously known as Alka Rex, sprinkle some funky black magic all over their remix of Yokoyama’s “Blur.”  Sparkling with funk, Alka Rex’s bouncy rework plays with eerie atmospherics intertwined with a dark, stabby bassline that darts in all directions – can you keep up?

Flashback is no misnomer – this one will bring you back to places you said you would never talk about again.  Mind-bending sound design, massive bass, and a powerful, almost theatrical ethos, has resurfaced with a vengeance.  Don’t let Yokoyama fool you, under that amiable exterior is a mean streak, and we LIKE IT!

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