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The Chicago based trio of Billy Dalessandro, Brian Ffar,  and Paul Brown have been running Siteholder Records since 2006.  Siteholder has gone on to launch two more record labels: Siteholder UnCut and Siteholder UnCut Ltd.  As if running three separate imprints wasn’t enough, 2009 introduced the launch of Facet Recordings.

Demonstrating that the Chicagoans’ musical tastes span beyond that of club beats, Facet finds the Siteholder crew veering off of the house/techno highway and taking a detour into a realm that promises to both challenge and satisfy their steadily growing fan base.  Facet’s main objective is to provide an outlet for production output that often finds itself on the periphery of electronic music.  Ambient, downtempo, dub, experimental and trip-hop are among the many alternative electronic genres that will be featured on this latest undertaking.

With three labels geared toward blowing up proper sound systems and the dance music enthusiasts that embrace them around the world, Facet embarks on a mision to provide music lovers with a soundtrack for the hours spent everywhere else.

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