Dry But Funky – A Wife For Objecto Phil


Artist: Dry But Funky
Title: A Wife For Objecto Phil
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH028
Release Date: Monday, February 1, 2013
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Dry But Funky is the brainchild of Hungarians Attila Beregi (As We Said, Doppelton) and Norbert Nagy (aka Air Dip). If you’re a fan of fresh, minimalist techno, these are your guys. With full intentions, these Hungarians have never been daunted by the borderlines set by musical genre norms. Their sound is intelligent while dipping into inspiration from swing, jazz, and other organic influences.

A Wife For Objecto Phil kicks off this EP with skips and gurgles of well arranged percussion fluttering over a fully founded baseline. Fans of house and minimal alike will knock people around the dance floor with this one.

Sophisticated Conversation comes correct with a more traditional minimal techno groove utilizing organic percussion and beautifully placed jazzy fills. This one is perfect for any time of the day or night.

Suvarium rounds out the ep with a more stripped down, atmospheric affair. Overall, this EP is really well produced and has something for all fans of electronic funk.


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