Colourblind – All In Your Head


Artist: Colourblind
Title: All In Your Head
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH024
Release Date: Monday, May 7, 2012 at 


01 Muraba
02 Get Up
03 All In Your Head

For those of you that are having issues with the audio players above, you can listen to clips of the tracks below:

All In Your Head

A Toronto-based Producer & Dj, Siavash Ghanbari (Cee Cee Cox, Colourblind) produces music that is shaped by the constant and powerful force of his own respect and love of music. This is a constant quest, moulding the beats and rhythms of a timeless quality into his own modern interpretation of music, that speaks through the ages.

Muraba kicks this ep right by bashing down the door, blowing by the bouncer, and heading straight for the dance floor.  Who’s got time to get a drink when this monster drips its funky stank all up on ya?

Get Up cools the room off with spooky, space-ghost kinetics and eerie crackling atmospherics that show off Colourblind’s artistic production chops – a refreshing take on modern minimal music.

All In Your Head rounds out the EP in its self proclaimed manner.  This release-closer reaches deep into the recesses of what’s left of your brain and puppets your sweaty ass around the dance floor without your permission.  Pumping percussion juxtaposed with emotive keys will have you in a schizophrenic panic, clawing your way up to the DJ booth to ask, “What the F*&# IS this?!?

As the brilliant nobel techno laureate Ghanbari states, “music is meant to be timeless… not a carton of milk with an expiry date.”

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