Brian Ffar – Skipping Stones After Dark


Artist: Brian Ffar
Title: Skipping Stones After Dark
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH021
Release Date: Monday, December 5, 2011


Siteholder co-owner and ballroom hustler Brian Ffar presents “Skipping Stones After Dark”, a personal introspective concept release, musically personifying both the light and dark times of adolescence under the northern Wisconsin stars.

Tranquility and intensity, while proverbial enemies, clash and burn bright in “Skipping Stones After Dark”, a no-frills brooding and throbbing piece, bubbling with subsonic basslines and crisp, groovy percussion. Once the track gets going in its natural big room habitat, bass bins will ripple righteously.

“Zephyrs Blow Below the Violet” brings Ffar’s memories of late night adventures and clean, cool midnight air to the forefront of this sonic adventure. Fluttery percussion and a thick, viscous bassline ooze its way out onto the dance floor. Breathe in that beautiful night air and feel your chest rattle.

“Oily Skies Over Lost Land” rounds off this EP with its frantic search for truth. Discordant sound experiments puddle jump; their splashes color the entire spectrum of frequencies. A dark, ascending progression of raspy tones lead the direction of this tune ironically straight underground. Anxious and apprehensive, Oily Skies builds to a fever pitch, its bountiful drop unrivaled by anything natural on this planet.

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