Billy Dalessandro – Bootysm EP (12″)


Artist: Billy Dalessandro
Title: Bootysm EP
Format: Vinyl 12″ / Digital
Cat. No.: SH033
12″ Release Date: October 29, 2013 on vinyl [ Decks | Juno | HHV | Crosstalk ]

Download Digital: 




Siteholder head honcho Billy Dalessandro kicks off Siteholder’s FIRST VINYL INSTALLMENT in almost 3 years with another signature style a$$-kicking from the Great North of Montreal.  “Bootysm” sets the tone of this release right off the bat with an immaculate housey groove, tricked out vocals, and simple-but-effective bassline. “The Spooky Ghost” reps an affection to tribal elements with ethereal and spacey synth work. “Shaman Chow” is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Lush dreamscapes float effortlessly over a field of harsh synths and severely bouncy percussion – the perfection combination for any night or early morning situation. “Buddha Bass” drips with a dirty Michael Jackson-esque funk and dark set of industrial sonic tools that rounds out this EP perfectly.

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