Alicia Hush – Kissing Booth Criminal

Artist: Alicia Hush
Title: Kissing Booth Criminal
Cat. No.: SH018
Release Date: Monday, August 22, 2011 – Buy Now at  Shift at Beatport

Alicia Hush - Kissing Booth Criminal
Alicia Hush - Wrongway in a Roundabout



Toronto based dj Alicia Hush continues to bounce beats and bums with her first release, Kissing Booth Criminal, on Siteholder Records. As an emerging producer, she has caught the ears and hearts of music-lovers around the world with a constant array of fresh new minimal goodness.  Case in point – Kissing Booth Criminal.

Her productions follow suit in their emotional honesty but the instinct and energy turns inward to the source of their creation resulting in a multitude of expression and ideas taking us from the deep dark to the silly and carefree holding true to only one common ground……….Alicia’s music will move you.

Both Kissing Booth Criminal’s edgy and off-kilter percussion provide a huge audio depth-of-field perspective.  The track is playful, but don’t let Alicia’s light-hearted smooches fool you, as KBC’s bassline is no joke – wetting whistles (among other things) is the name of the game.

Wrongway in a Roundabout picks up the pace (and the sleaze) with another enormous booty bassline and percussion that flutters intricately in and out of the mix.  Pucker up, ladies and gents, because Alicia Hush has stepped up to the booth, ready to win the world.

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3 Thoughts

  1. Raha Wala says:

    Love this stuff!

  2. Great release! Kissing booth criminal is sick. It has nice breaks and variations.

  3. […] Records including remixes from label boss Billy Dalessandro and Siteholder sister Alicia Hush (of Kissing Booth Criminal fame). Brock’s influences include Baby Ford, Thomas Melchior, Zip, Daniel Bell, and that […]

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